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Mount Alben Adventure Park

Mount Alben Adventure Park

The Mount Alben Adventure Park was opened in 2007 to showcase a beautiful 15,000 sq.m. area of spruce woodlands at the Zambla Pass. Inside the Adventure Park there are 5 different courses 2 to 17 metres in height and varying levels of difficulty, suitable from 3 years to dare-devils of all ages. The courses have platforms at various heights in the trees connected by trunks, gangplanks, suspension bridges, lianas, zip wires and nets. Safety is ensured by a red safety line along the whole route to which each person’s safety harness is attached with 2 snap hooks. These are part of the kit provided at the entrance (helmet, harness, pulley and snap hooks).

The events in program

18 March 2018

05 April 2018

San Giovanni Bianco
02 July 2018